Find My Style

Career & The City

“I like my body so much better after I had kids. Is that a crazy thing to say? I’m more womanly. I feel sexier.”
— Reese Witherspoon—


Is time a precious resource for you? Do you feel your body or your personal style has changed? Are you returning to work or switching jobs and want to feel great and look great in your new season of life?

Our body goes through physical and emotional shifts, as the years go by and when we have children, so it’s important to take time for ourselves to reconnect. With women having children later, this means we are further up the career ladder than our predecessors with more responsibility to balance and increasingly less time to fit everything in.

At this point in life what we want is a wardrobe that makes us look and feel good, yet we don’t have the time to think about it.  This is where Find My Style can help to redefine your style and take it to the next level.

As part of our bespoke session we can look at:
- key steps to make your wardrobe more efficient
- assess your body shape and colours
- maximise personal impact of your appearance at work
- create a look book for your outfit building
- personal shopping/bespoke clothing pieces.

Our style is an intrinsic reflection of who we are and where we are going. To discuss your requirements contact Hannah via today.