Our Personal Styling Sessions are bespoke to ensure we meet your needs and help you achieve your personal goals.

Personal Styling‘Help! I just want to know what suits me!’

With this personal styling session we use the basics of body shape and and colour to know exactly what clothes will look best on you.  You get to take away a personalised set of style recommendations that are based on your budget and lifestyle requirements.

‘I’m reaching x age and not sure what to wear’ 

Our lives are constantly evolving and we need to make sure that our wardrobes stay current. This session isn’t about do’s and don’ts, its more about discovering your personality and identifying how your lifestyle requirements work with your wardrobe.

‘My wardrobe is out of control!’ 

This personal styling session focuses on detoxing your wardrobe in accordance with the principles of colour and style to ensure that every item left on the hanger can be worn tomorrow. This service is available for both guys and gals.

‘I’m setting up a business/going for a new job and need to look good’ 

Discover the colours that give you a permanently fresh-faced healthy glow and dressing for your personal best will ensure that you always give the best impression possible. This personal styling session goes beyond the clothes to give you the guidelines for your online image and your new personal brand.

‘I’ve just come out of a relationship and want a fresh start’

Our personal style is part of how we communicate with the world around us and taking the time to discover who you are in terms of your personal style is the perfect confidence boost. It doesn’t matter what happened in the past, we work alongside you to ensure that your future is rosy.


What Others Say >>

‘I did have such a lovely time, and I’m so happy with my new vibrant colours. They  make me smile just thinking about them! Hannah is great at making you feel relaxed, but also keeping a sense of achievement and just the right balance of work with fun.’
- AM, based in South London

‘Hannah was very professional yet friendly during the whole time she was with me. She had great experience and advice and did a great job in helping to sort through my wardrobe. She managed to shed a lot of light on why I had my wardrobe issues and point me back into the right direction…wished Hannah could have stayed a few hours but…she was here to help with my whole mind set rather than just sort through my load of clothes. Great service and fully recommend it to anyone who feels lost when they stare at their overflowing wardrobe and still doesn’t know what to wear.’
- JT, based in Kent 


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