Our Passions

What to know what makes us tick? Mindful Wardrobe

Making people feel good

We love making people feel good about themselves. Sometimes in life we end up listening to less than positive half truths that people say and believing them for ourselves. In the field of body image and self-esteem, this is particularly true amongst young people and I believe that styling can provide the practical tools to make a difference in this area. This led me to found the Diva-licious Project in 2008 for The Prince’s Trust xl Programme, with the view to challenging the body image status quo for young women, and this lead on to working as a trainer with the Dove Self-Esteem Project and Beat.

Giving people a great experience

There’s a great saying that people won’t always remember exactly what you said, but they will remember how you made them feel. With the growth of online shopping, the retail landscape is changing on the high street and shops need to offer what consumers can’t always get online – a unique personalised shopping experience. Alongside Laraine Robathan-Field, Hannah has co-founded the concept of Only On The High Street, with this mission in mind and they work up adn done the country creating unique retail experiences through events in shopping centres.

Developing the potential of people

One of our key brand values is growth. It’s fundamental to any area of life – hence when Hannah was invited to become a partner trainer with Lynne Nicoll (who had originally trained Hannah in 2008) at The Style Alchemist, she jumped at the chance. Training new image consultants and personal stylists  comes with an equal measure of responsibility and joy as you see them develop and grow in their skills base. It’s a very real reminder of how our work touches people’s lives and builds their confidence – and so thankful to have this opportunity!