the-style-alchemist‘For us the art of style is part science, part creativity and part passion.’
Lynne Nicoll FFIPI & Hannah Jean MFIPI

The Style Alchemist

In 2013 Hannah Jean was invited to partner with Lynne Nicoll at The Style Alchemist training academy to deliever accredited image consultancy programmes within the UK. Having trained with Lynne in 2008, it was a true privilege to be asked to work alongside such an experienced educationalist.

The Style Alchemist vision is to provide those who wish to train in image consultancy with an educational and creative space to realise their dream of becoming an image consultant and/or personal stylist. The training programme has been finessed over twenty years within the image industry and is accredited internationally by the Federation of Image Professionals International (FIPI) and City & Guilds.

The Style Alchemist is the only image consultancy training London based agency in the UK. The Academy offers both foundational training for those starting out and also post-graduate training for those who are developing their specialism within the image industry. In 2014 the academy will be launching their online learning programme as a result of growing international demand.


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If you are interest in training in image consultancy and personal styling then please feel free to visit The Style Alchemist to learn more.