body imageHannah is passionate about using personal styling knowledge to educate and unravel body image myths, so that young people can achieve their potential. She believes that understanding about your body and your personal style preferences paves the path of self-confidence.

The Prince’s Trust was the first client to pilot her body image project in 2008 and it continues to be offered on a nationwide basis via their xl Programme. Hannah is also currently the FIPI representative on behalf of the image industry for the APPG for Body Image having initiated the partnership between the organisations in 2011.

Hannah knows that when young people are equipped to projecting an authentic image, this enables them to differentiate who they are and become key people of influence within their field. Through understanding themselves and feeling comfortable in their own skin, young people can send out consistent and congruent non-verbal communication.

Our sessions provide young people with a toolkit to successfully:
- understand their body shape
- express their personal style
- create a healthy self-image
- achieve their economic potential.

Sessions can be run either on an individual basis or as a complete training course over five/six weeks to fit into a weekly lesson in a school’s timetable. The sessions are primarily aimed at fulfiling the KS4 PSHE curriculum criteria on personal well being, particularly focusing on personal identities and healthy lifestyles.  The training is offered to both private and public education sectors.

Our clients include:
Bermondsey Academy
Charter School
City Gateway Women’s Project
Dove Self-Esteem Project
Esteem Resource Network
Islington Council
Lambeth Academy
Lewisham Council
Party Arts
Redbridge Summer Uni
Urban Hope

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If you are interested in speaking with Hannah about what she does, then please call to speak to her in person on 07842 918901.