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Mindful Wardrobe

How to apply mindfulness to your summer wardrobe

As the weather warms up, our summer wardrobes step up a gear and we have to be increasingly inventive with what feels like a limited selection. Aside from vacantly scanning our rails at the last minute before work and fitting in lunch break power shop, we can learn a tick or two by applying the concept of mindfulness in our closets.

Mindfulness in essence involves thinking, focussing and being present in a situation – something that our busy lives rarely allow, especially in our wardrobe domain. Creating a summer wardrobe that works easily and simply, doesn’t have to be tricky, you just need to start with the basics in order to create a mindful wardrobe. A summer capsule wardrobe of 16 items can provide you with sixty outfits. Doing the maths, means you should have enough outfits for two months – which if we face it, is the total sum of the UK summer if we are lucky!

Mindful Wardrobe

The Essentials

When you are building your summer wardrobe, it’s always useful to start with the following:

Jacket/Wrap (1)
Skirt (2-3)
Trousers (2-3)
Shorts (1)

Next you add in the extras:
Dress/Jumpsuit (1-2)
Tops, including one blouse (4-6)
Cardigan (1-2)

And finally you finish with a flourish:
Evening/Going out options (2-3)

Outfit Building

If you choose colours and styles that complement you, and fit with your current lifestyle, you should find that your items coordinate easily to create numerous different outfits if you use the outline above. Take the time to stand in front of your wardrobe and select the items from this list that you already have and highlight the ones that you need to shop for. You should aim to have 16 key items in total, don’t worry about including the items with no brackets after them as they do not feature in the count!

Top Tips:
Opt for colours that work together and compliment you
Accessories are the secret to changing a look
Good fit and quality fabric is fundamental
Always keep items in good repair
Don’t impulse bargain buy – only invest in what you love!

Enjoy your summer wardrobe!