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How to shop with purpose

With the seasons changing, our wardrobes must change too. Everywhere around us at the moment, we keep hearing about the latest ‘must-have’ items and trend buys to fill our wardrobes with. With around one third of us feeling that our wardrobes are ‘boring’, it’s easy to become seduced by ‘the new’ and end up spending more than we need(1). At the end of the season, some of our purchases can often end up barely worn and headed straight to the recycle bin. So what top tips do we have to help you avoid this?


Create your own Autumn Edit 

One tactic to make you shop smarter is to tune in to your inner style voice and drown out the noise of the latest ‘must-have’ item by creating your own Autumn Edit. It’s simple – open the doors of your wardrobe and choose your five favourite items that you love. Use them to set your standard. It then becomes easy to measure the rest of your wardrobe and any further purchases against them.

Avoid Impulse Shopping 

Interestingly the average UK person spends £212 a year on impulse buys(2). The biggest culprit of this is clothes, with two thirds of people admitting they have bought something that they have never worn. It’s not just about our money though, our decisions have a global impact too. Lucy Siegle reports in her book, ‘Is Fashion Wearing Out the World?’ that in the UK we have:

  • 1.72 million – Amount in tonnes of brand new fashion consumed in the UK every year
  • 1.5 million – Amount  in tonnes of  clothing that we throw away in Britain every year

So what are the biggest fashion mistakes? Here are the top ten clothes that are bought and never worn:

1. Platform flip-flops – 31%
2. Crop tops – 27%
3. Creepers – 25%
4. Disco trousers – 23%
5. Leather trousers – 22%
6. Drop hem dress/skirt – 19%
7. Printed leggings – 15%
8. Dip-dye clothing – 14%
9. Dungarees – 12%
10. Tassel clothing – 8%(2)

Interestingly after fashion, food was the most common wasted purchase at 59%, followed by fitness equipment at 36%.

Use the 10 Minute Rule 

The oldest tricks in the book are the best. Next time you are on the verge of making a purchase, simply employ the ten minute rule. Take ten minutes to walk away and look at something else. Consider if  you get your cost per wear from it and if it is really worth it. Can you spend your money on something that is more worthwhile? Unless it is a one-off vintage item, the likelihood is that it will still be there waiting for your return if you decide to go for it.

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