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Five Tips for Summer Style

This month a lovely lady called Hazel (who heard of me through our shared friend Jo Payton) asked for some style tips to contribute to the Daily Telegraph. Having decided it was a good idea to share them, here is a quick summary to get your wardrobe on track for summer. Enjoy!

Wardrobe Ethos for Spring/Summer 2014 – Try New Things…

April is simply one of the best times of year – you know you are headed towards days that never end and the promise of sunshine that makes everyone feel good. This year with the fashion trends, it is all about freedom and expressing yourself, so it’s definitely time to embrace the ethos of ‘try new things’.

Tip 1: Set your wardrobe free!

This summer’s fashion is all about freedom – so go on, embrace it! Experiment with your style and be daring in the way you put your outfits together. The best way to find your perfect summer style is to try new things, so experiment by dressing up in the craziest outfits that you can find in your wardrobe and see what works. We dare you!

Summer clothes can be very versatile, so get creative and find new ways to wear your clothes. Remember a strapless top can double up as a skirt and vice versus. A scarf can become a glam strapless top. Jumpsuits and playsuits can be rolled up or down as the case may be. Necklaces can be layered up to give a statement look.

The summer scarf is the queen of chameleons – it can become a headscarf, strapless top, beach sarong, knotted shoulder bag, evening belt or even a shrug cardigan. Have a look for inspiration online and get styling!

Tip 2: Walk on the bright side come rain or shine

Forget those winter blues and greys, and welcome colour into your wardrobe! Step out in brightly coloured shoes to give your style the edge or pick up a pair of vibrant trousers to create a new look. A colourful jacket in a can be equally useful, as being realistic, we are talking about a summer wardrobe in the UK, therefore we need to factor in a few items that will allow you to survive the temperature variations! The finish of your look should always come down to a good fit and quality fabric, and remember to keep all your key items in good repair so they are always ready to wear.

Tip 3: Discover the style that works for you

Preppy pleats, candy colours and floral print bombers are all great trends, however that doesn’t mean that they work on everyone. Fashion isn’t a one style fits all option; so it’s important to know what works for you first, so that you can choose which trends to buy. Finding the colours that compliment your skin tone and knowing which shapes flatter your figure, means that you know exactly which clothes to choose and shopping becomes easier.

You can tell if a colour suits you by placing an article of clothing in that colour over one shoulder and comparing it with what you are wearing. Look at the two sides of your face in a mirror to see the effect. Pay attention to under your eyes, cheeks, jaw line and neck to see which colour gives you a fresh glowing complexion!

Shape is important too – a good way to tell what works for you is going through your Facebook photos with a close eye and identify what you think works, and equally what you think could change. Make a note of your favourite looks and you will see a pattern emerging.

Tip 4: Simplify your wardrobe

Simple is best! Everyone gets overwhelmed with too many choices in life and your wardrobe is no different. Take the time to go through your summer wardrobe and pick out your favourite items and place them on a separate rail to start your personal wardrobe edit. Step away and go for a cup of tea (or your equivalent).

Come back to your wardrobe with fresh eyes and evaluate the rest of your clothes – how do they measure up against your favourite items? If they work well with them, then it would be worth keeping them and if they don’t, then you will may be better off without them. The likelihood is that your favourite items work really well for you, so you want to make sure that the rest of the items in your closet are earning the right to stay in your closet too!

Tip 5: Buy what you love

Everyone has their own innate sense of personal style. Personal style can be almost intangible yet this is what makes you stand out from the crowd. As Coco Chanel said, ‘look for the woman in the dress. If there is no woman, there is no dress.’ The same is equally true for men’s style; it’s all about dressing for you and being true to your look.

Picking up a new fashion magazine and taking out the pictures from this season that inspire you can be a great way to find the style you love. Why not pin them up inside your wardrobe to inspire your look. Try it and let us know how you get on. Until next time, enjoy your style!