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The ‘Little Black Dress’ Dilemma

The ‘Little Black Dress’ Dilemma: Tips on how to dress for the Festive Seasonlbd

This post first appeared on the Beyond Chocolate Blog earlier this week and was followed by a live Q&A on the forum throughout the week for BC members. We had so much fun writing it that we thought to share it on here too! Enjoy!

In my previous life before becoming a stylist, the office party was one of the highlights of my social calendar and was usually preceded by several frantic (lunch break) shopping sessions to find the perfect outfit. As the party season approaches, here are some styling tips that I wish someone had told me back then in terms of what to wear…’

Keep it simple – it’s about you
Today psychologists know that the art of successful dressing is about understanding what your clothes say to you, not about you. The main person you have to please with your outfit is you. This can be as simple as knowing that you don’t have to wear a dress. A classy top and trousers is often more versatile when it comes to day to night style.

Wear great underwear
Choose a bra that fits, gives great support and makes you feel good. Get fitted properly and remember lace looks good but doesn’t give a smooth finish. Ultra soft stretch knickers or thongs will help avoid those VPLs. I’m not an advocate of spanks; if you wear the right clothes then you don’t need them.


Buy something new/wear something ‘non-work’
Whether it’s a pair of shoes, some earrings or a dress, try to wear something that puts you in a fresh mind space. Equally remember that wearing something ‘non-work’ that has been re-interpreted by the washing machine may not be your best choice – my ex-go-to leopard print dress from last year springs to mind!

What part of your body are you ok with? Go show it!

Showing a bit of skin is sexy. It doesn’t matter if it is your neck, your arms or your ankles. Most people are generally ok with at least one of those, so think about what styles will suit you best. In terms of our bodies most people tend to carry their weight either on their stomach or their hips. Where you carry yours will be defined by the genetics of your skeleton. I carry mine on my hips and bum, therefore I always opt for clothes that emphasise my waist and hide my hips. My best friend carries her weight on her stomach; therefore she always goes for clothes that cut at her empire line (under the boobs) or hip line (1920s style) and shows off her great legs.

Be comfortable
Wearing fabrics with stretch (like jersey, wool or anything with some flexibility) ensures that you get a good fit and stay comfortable for the night. Stiff fabrics with no stretch can sit tight and ride up in uncompromising ways! Also there are plenty of sparkly party pumps out there, so don’t feel that you need to stress your feet in a night out in heels if it’s not your style!

Go for pattern rather than black
If you are conscious of your body, then going for a print rather than black can be a good option. The simple reason is that print confuses the eye. Block colours make areas look larger and patterns shrink them. Just make sure that the pattern scale is just right for you.

Final thoughts…keep the perspective
While it’s fun to dress up and make an effort (and there will be photos emerging on Facebook) remember that it’s unlikely people will be noticing much by the time they have made it through the free beer and wine! Simply go ahead and enjoy your night by owning the dance floor!

Want to know more…
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